Our algorithms for drones make Absolute Sense of spectral data to deliver valuable benefits to the agriculture community. Algorithms in development for satellites.

NDVI provides basic relative information. Our next-generation products provide the layers underneath; the absolute measurement of nutrient crop uptake to support and optimise farming decisions. 

Below you can see examples of nutrient distribution field maps in comparison to basic NDVI. Our revolutionary information from advanced data analytics really lets you know your crop and stay ahead of the field.


We create data analytics tools to help farmers optimise returns while optimising resources

We have a long and distinguished heritage, over 150 years, of extracting knowledge from data, particularly for aerospace, space and defence customers to ensure they make effective mission critical decisions. 

Until now NDVI was the only recognised tool to provide relative insights into overall crop health. We believe with our data mining and expertise we can go deeper. We have been investing in R&D since 2012 in order to identify spectral nutrient signatures to remotely determine crop uptake of specific key nutrients. We provide absolute values not relative. 

We work with the farming community to create our Absolute Sense apps. By providing detailed information on nutrient distribution this also helps customers comply with environmental legislation.

Absolute Sense – environmentally aware, operationally effective and profit enhancing. We believe that is a good recipe.


Data analytics providing insight and foresight, helping customers make effective decisions.

research & Development

Our customers deserve the best algorithms to help make the best decisions. That’s why we’ve invested several million pounds in the best data, captured by the most advanced VNIR & SWIR hyperspectral sensors.

While entry-level NDVI gives basic data, our next-generation spectral data give farmers decision support that optimises Nitrogen fertiliser and maximises yield.

When combined with several years of comprehensive ground truthing, the farming community can embrace a truly scientific approach to optimum yields and profit generation.